Golf Pros Wear Many Hats

The Golf Professional Wears Many Hats

I’m quite sure that many golf professionals looking at the photo can relate to the long list of weekly duties. The quote at the bottom is, “a great club professional fulfills many roles. But wears just one badge.” The pro at this client course in Kentucky added a few more roles with tape. Titles like mediator, human scoreboard, toilet man, certified first-aid attendant, UPS organizer, pool man, experienced grillsman, weatherman and babysitter became our personal favorites.

If you’ve ever tried to call a GM, director of golf or head pro, you know they are always on the go and in the middle of multiple tasks. Because of the nature of the job and the ever-changing environment, you should always keep an eye out for ways to streamline your operation. 

Golf Pros Wear Many Hats

Here are a few of the ways you can use your Golf Management Software to streamline your operation:

Make your job easier

Use a software provider that can simplify your pro shop operations. Using multiple vendors can create additional problems. Having a single provider allows you to operate all aspects of your course in one place.

Simplify your data

It’s hard to make decisions when your data is spread between multiple systems.  Look for software that has an integrated set of tools to help you collect data at every customer touchpoint. Use that data to give you the information you need to gain a deeper understanding of your operations.

Take advantage of marketing tools

Every course is looking to attract more golfers. This can be done with a website that properly represents your brand with high quality photos and videos.

Nothing scares me away from a golf course faster than a lackluster website or hard to use booking engine. If they won’t put much effort into their site, then what about the rest of their operation?

Facebook, Instagram and email marketing are just a few great resources. Leverage these tools to efficiently market to golfers using online store offers, course specials, and events. All of these end up linking back to your website.

What business owner doesn’t want to save money? 

The curtain has been lifted from the practice of “barter times”. Courses can now take back their customer interface.

Make sure you have the best payment option set up for your facility. Stay on top of your credit card processing rates to make sure that they are competitive. Also, work with a software provider that lets you choose from multiple vendors. This ensures you are getting the most competitive rates. (We go as far as to pledge that we don’t make any money on your credit card processing, and pass that savings directly on to you.)

You wear a lot of hats every day.

This pulls you in many different directions. Your dealing with your employees, the owner, reps, and especially your golfers. Save time and energy on the big things, because we all know the small things end up taking the majority of your time. Our hope is that you can simplify your day through software so that you have time to be a better toilet man or babysitter.