Email Marketing is Still King

Email Marketing is Still King

The number one thing we get asked about from our golf course partners is how they can market to their golfers better. It’s a great question, but it’s a loaded one too. While there is no absolute when it comes to marketing, we see first-hand that the most successful golf courses that we work with are really good at the basic “blocking and tackling” when it comes to marketing.

According to the marketing services company Infogroup, a big thing for golf courses to consider is how they’re contacting people. A whopping 70.8% of consumers list email (yes boring old email) as their preferred way to be contacted by brands, compared with direct mail (7.5%), a phone call (7.2%) or text (6.1%). 

Yes, Email Marketing is Still King

Not surprising, email is still king, and it’s still the least invasive way to communicate with consumers.  What was (somewhat) surprising was that 39.4% of consumers say they are uncomfortable with small or large businesses using their personal information for marketing purposes.

There’s a reason people feel more comfortable giving you their email address vs. other forms of contact info. An email address is just less personal than a home address or cell phone number for texting. That’s why we help you to collect email addresses at every customer touch point. This includes online tee times, online store purchases, member profiles, and signing up for newsletters.

We’re not saying that you need to ignore the other ways to market yourself, but understand that most people want to be communicated with through email so please don’t ignore email marketing.

Plan Ahead

Our best clients take a significant amount of time during the offseason to plan ahead. They discuss what they’ll be doing to market each event and holiday for the upcoming season. Events such as Memorial Day, The Masters, Fourth of July, Father’s Day, Labor Day, etc. 

They take the time to discuss how they can maximize promotions for those holidays, create the content for those emails, and schedule them in our email marketing module. These will be delivered a week or ten days before the actual event.

When their season rolls around and the golf balls are flying, they already have their emails teed up and ready to go. And it’s important because email is still king.


Two things I want to you take away from this blog: 

  1. Most people (70.8% of them) want to be contacted by you via email.
  2. Plan ahead by scheduling the emails you need during the offseason or you won’t be prepared when the season hits full swing.

To learn more about scheduling future emails with TeeQuest Solutions modules, please reach out. We would be happy to show you how it works.