Social Media

10 Tips to Help Your Golf Course be More Effective on Social Media

Whether you’ve already dipped your toe into the social media waters, or are looking to get started, here are some tips for your golf course’s social media platforms.

1. Start in the off season

Things are crazy when you are in the full swing of things. Start planning your social media strategy when things are slow. Map out your ideas for each month, event and holiday. That way, you’ll already have everything teed up and ready to go when the season starts.

2. Link back to your website and online store

If you are promoting a special for the holidays, the pro shop, or the course, be sure to link back to your online store. Driving your customers to your store will get them to your website, and hopefully purchasing before they even set foot on your course.

3. Take advantage of holidays and golf events

You should be ready to go with some type of promotion or post for every big holiday and major golf tournament. These are great excuses to engage with your customers and offer some type of package or special.

4. Tell your golfers where to follow you on social media

Be sure to let your golfers know to follow you. Tell them what platforms you’re on, and make sure to have links on your website and post reminders around your clubhouse.

5. Engage with your golfers

Respond to all reviews, and thank your golfers for sharing their feedback and coming to the course. People really appreciate when you take the time to acknowledge their feedback and say thanks.

6. Create fun and creative promotions on Facebook

Create enticing packages that will attract groups of golfers to come and play together. This will also create some excitement if they start tagging their friends or commenting during or after their round.

7. Have your staff be interactive

Go Live on Facebook during a tournament or new promotion. Have your pros post tips or strategies for playing at your course. Encourage them to post during fun events or when interesting things happens during the day.

8. Use great photos

Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, be sure to use visually appealing photos. Having good photos will encourage clicks and interest from the reader to explore more from your post.

9. Build your brand

This takes time and effort. Stay on top of your website, social media and email marketing. Keeping a consistent flow of material will help reinforce your brand and coverage.

10. Have fun

If you are having fun, it will show through your social media. It will also make it easier for you to create and post material. And the joy and passion for the sport will translate to your golfers!